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How to Stay Safe Online With Your Personal Information

Posted on April 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

For many it’s a concern that they can use the internet but stay safe at the same time. Rarely is one’s physical safety threatened. Generally it’s your personal information that can get out that could lead to financial problems if people take advantage of that. Other times it’s taking your name and password and making online decisions that you could be responsible for.

Keeping a malware or spyware scanner on and running at all times will be a huge help. This will ensure that the programs that log you keystrokes or try to take your information will be caught before getting onto your computer. Generally this is the biggest source of your information getting out so put a scanner on your computer today.

Another huge problem area is email. Many times a spam email will look like it is from the real company. This happens with a PayPal look-a-like email. It looks like an official email stating there is a problem with your account. It gives you a link to log in. This link and log in is fake. They are just stealing your name and password. If you ever are asked to log in to your account, don’t click the links in email. Go to your browser and manually type the website in.

If you want to keep private, especially if you are into chatting with new people that you meet online, be sure to do so with an account that doesn’t have all your personal information. Many times people will use an obscure user name, but once that is added to an MSN or Yahoo messenger system, your first and last name show up since you put that into your account information. It’s likely nothing would ever happen, but this is an extra step of security of your person and information.