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Is It Possible to Stay Safe Online?

Posted on March 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Internet may be a great place to express yourself and make new friends. However, it can also be as dangerous as you can imagine. So, how can you stay safe online? Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  • Don’t phone anyone who give you his or her phone number. This is because the caller ID of the person allows him to trace the call.
  • Don’t disclose any personal truths about yourself.
  • Think twice when posting photos on the Internet. Judge what can be posted and what cannot be posted. Besides, don’t send out any photos of yourself (or anyone close to you, such as your boyfriend or girlfriend) to unknown strangers.
  • If for any reason that you sense that the person you are chatting with is behaving strangely, being inconsistent, asking too many personal questions, or lies too often, trust your instincts and make a polite excuse to leave the conversation.
  • Tell your parents or a trusted adult immediately if you are worried or scared about someone who you have met online or about a conversation that you had on your computer earlier on.

Sending and Receiving E-mail

This is another part to stay safe in the cyber world. When you open an e-mail account, you will be given or choose a password that allows you and only you to access your mail. Therefore, be sure that you did not choose a password that is ridiculously obvious such as your middle name or the name of your favourite band. Don’t even give your password to any one you know or don’t know! By doing these, anybody can easily hack into your account and read your mail, even from another computer.

Electronic mail may make you feel like it’s private, a secure form of communication. You type in your password to access it, you send messages to certain people, and you delete those messages after you have read them. However, in actual fact, an e-mail is not as private as you thought it would be. Therefore, to maintain your privacy, pick an e-mail address and username that do not reveal your real name or any personal information about you.

Besides, make sure that you always completely sign out after accessing your mailbox. If you exit without doing so, the next person on the computer can read your correspondence as well, even though he or she doesn’t know your password!

Therefore, know the dangers of internet and stay safe always!